Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kids Special - Garlic Rasam

When my DD gets cold or Cough or Fever, I make Garlic Rasam &  Par boiled Rice(Puzhungal Arisi). That’s the only taste she likes when she is sick and don't want to eat anything.                 
Par boiled rice is easily digestible and has more nutrients than Raw Rice(Pachaai Arisi)              
I cook the par boiled rice as whole or crack it down coarsely in a blender before cooking. Add little extra water so that rice will be cooked softly.             

Tomato ------------------> 1, Sliced
Garlic --------------------> 15 Cloves, minced
Tamarind Water --------> ½ cup
Green Chilli --------------> ¼ inch
Pepper-Jeera Powder ---> 4 tsp
Methi Seeds Powder ----> ½ tsp
Turmeric -----------------> 1 tsp
Curry leaves Powder ----> 1 tsp
Salt -----------------------> A2Y

v  In a pan, add little oil; when it is hot add minced Garlic and fry for few minutes                    
v  Add Tomato, Green Chilli & turmeric; fry for a minutes                       
v  Now add all the powders(Pepper Jeera Powder, Methi Seed Powder, Curry leaves Powder)    
v  Pour Tamarind water & 1 cup of plain water                
v  Leave it in medium, when it starts boiling remove rasam for the stove.                    
v  Do the seasoning if needed. I didn't do it because she was sick.                   
v  Serve it with hot rice.              

Yesterday she was sick & didn't eat very well throughout the day. For dinner I made this Rasam & Vendaikkai Poriyal. Surprisingly she finished the dinner in 20 minutes, usually she takes nearly 45 minutes.                 

ü  If the powders are not handy, just dry roast Pepper, Jeera, Methi & powder it freshly.          
ü  If you are making the powder freshly, include corriander seeds as well. It also has medicinal properties to relieve cold & cough.  

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