Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kids Special -Corn Pasta

After so many experiments with pasta, finally my DD is happy with this healthier version of Pasta made without any other secondhand ingredients.                       

Organic Pasta --------------------> 1 cup, Cooked & Drained (Any kind)
Organic Frozen Corn ------------> 1 cup
Organic Butter -------------------> 1 tsp
Milk -------------------------------> 4 tsp
Shredded Cheese ---------------> As desired
Salt -------------------------------> A2Y Taste

v  I used the Alphabet Pasta from TJs.                
v  In a pan, melt the butter; add the corn and fry for few minutes                    
v  Now add the pasta, sprinkle salt                     
v  Finally add milk and stir it well             
v  While serving add cheese on top and microwave it.               
ΓΌ  Mixed Vegetables can be added to. I haven't tried yet.                      

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