Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Walnut - Celery Chutney

Though Celery is a boring vegetable for your taste bud, it is healthy for your body because of its vitamins & minerals.                      
Walnut & Celery combination helps in lowering Cholesterol & blood pressure.                   
I use Celery in my Minestrone soup & Whole Lentil Dhal. After using it in the soup, I had still more than 1/2 a bunch of Celery and I was supposed to make Walnut Chutney for a Party.                              
Well.. Y don't I try using it in my Chutney. Let’s see how it works out                      

Walnuts------------------->2 cups
Celery--------------------->1/2 bunch chopped into chunks
Onion --------------------->1 Sliced
Tomato-------------------->2 Sliced
Green Chilli--------------->10 (A2Y spice bud)
Ginger--------------------->4 inch
Garlic---------------------->3 (Optional)
Cilantro------------------->1 bunch
Salt------------------------->As desired
Olive Oil------------------->5 tsp

·         Make powder out of Walnuts in Pulse mode (of Mixie) and keep it aside                             
·         Heat oil in a pan, add chunks of Celery and fry until it is cooked.                
·         If you don't like the raw smell of Onions & Tomatoes, add those also along with Celery.                
·         When it is cool, grind it with rest of the ingredients                         
·         Now add the powdered Walnut, sometimes because of the oil it might turn as hard butter instead of powder.                 
·         If the chutney is for Idly or Dosai, water can be added.; otherwise grind everything to make 'Thovaiyal'

               Gothumai Dosai with Walnut - Celery Chutney:


  1. Really a nice dish. Thanks for introducing this one at Mayiladuthurai. Awaiting your arrival for new ones!! saba

  2. Thanks anna 4 ur feedback. Definitely I'll post some new recipes.

  3. Hi Priya

    I love this chutney:)

  4. Sooper recipe...I Didn't trust this will work until I got to try it from your kitchen...Definitely tasty...I will vote for this compared to coconut chutney...

    1. Thank you Malathi.. soooo happy receiving ur comments..
      It triggers me to post more recipes...