Friday, December 24, 2010

Vegetable Kurma

Kohlrabi is called as 'Noolkohl'  in TamilNadu. Without Kohlrabi I'll not make Kurma because it adds unique taste & flavor  to the dish. When buying Kohlrabi, look for smaller ones which is edible and fleshy. The bigger ones need to be peeled, and it is mostly woody, fibrous with inedible outer layer of skin.                          
Usually I find smaller ones in Top Foods & Winco Foods. I chop the stem & leaves and save it for making dhal. This is also my DM's receipe.


Kohlrabi---------------------> 2 cups, cubed
Carrot------------------------> 1 cup, cubed
Beans------------------------> 1 cup
Potato-----------------------> 1 cup
Cauliflower-----------------> 1.5 cups
Garbanzo Beans-----------> 1.5 cups Cooked
For Grinding:                    
Poppy Seeds----------------> 3 tsp Soaked (if no time, dry roast it)
Cumin Seeds----------------> 1 tsp
Bay leaves------------------> 2
Cardamom------------------> 2
Cloves-----------------------> 2
Cinnamon-------------------> 1 stick
ü  Dry roast the above items.                         

Onion------------------------> ½ cup
Tomato----------------------> 1
Ginger-----------------------> 2 inch
Garlic------------------------> 3
Coconut---------------------> ½ cup
Green chillies--------------> 4
ü  Saute rest of the items in little oil and let it cool.                               
ü  Grind everything to make paste in mixie/food Processor                             
·         Cook all the cut vegetables(except Cauliflower) with enough water, salt, Turmeric in a deep sauce pan and close it with lid.                               
·         Add the Cauliflower florets when other vegetables are half cooked                        
·         Stir in grinded masala paste & Garabanzo beans ; add water if needed.                 
·         When the vegetables are cooked(make sure it is not overcooked or mushy),keep it in low heat for 10 minutes stirring occasionally                        
·         Garnish with Cilantro if desired                 
·         Serve with hot rice or Chappati
Instead of Green Chillies, Red chillies or Red chili powder can also be used. It will be a different version of Vegatable kurma.               

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