Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thai Fried Rice

This weekend, I went to newly opened Winco Foods in Lacey. They had a huge collection of vegetables, and I bought almost everything that I cook including Tofu & moong sprouts.                  
On the way back, it was raining heavily and I felt like having Thai fried rice very badlyJ. So I came home and made it, though I was very tired. Usually I don’t prefer any sauces in any of my recipes, so no sauce is needed.

In the picture, I tried the same recipe with Quinao which I made for Christmas Potluck in Workplace.


Cooked Rice--------------------->1.5 cups(Refrigerated the day before)
Tofu------------------------------->200 gms cut into cubes
White Onion-------------------->1 cup, sliced; ½ cup chopped (explained below)
Broccoli-------------------------->2 crowns
Zucchini-------------------------->3 cut into rounds
Capsicum------------------------>2 sliced length wise
Mung Sprouts------------------>1 Small Packet
Green Chillies------------------->2
Ginger---------------------------->1 inch
Garlic----------------------------->4 cloves
Red Chillies
/Crushed Pepper--------------->2 tsp
Salt-------------------------------->As desired
Cilantro--------------------------->1/4 cup chopped
 Thai paste                         
Onion - half cup chopped             
Green Chillies                   
Red Chillies                        


·         Shallow fry Tofu Cubes , add 3 tsp of Thai paste and little salt. Cook for 4 minutes or until lightly browned stirring occasionally. Keep it aside. This way Tofu is blended well with spiciness & salt.   
·         In the same pan, pour little oil and add the Thail paste and fry for 4 minutes                       
·         In another deep pan or Wok, add Onions, Broccoli, Capsicum                     
·         Once vegetables are half cooked, add Zucchini with salt & Crushed pepper according to the spiciness
·         Next mix the Thai paste and add the rice
·         Finally add moong sprouts
·         Mix the ingredients well without smashing them.
·         Garnish with Chopped Basil, Green Onions, fried Garlic, & Thail chilles(if u want the Thai fried rice look as in restaurants) - I skipped this step, because I didn’t have any of these.                    
·         U can also add, baby corn, Water Chestnuts and Bamboo shoots. I didn't add any of them
It was heaven eating the hot Thai Fried rice in cold weather and rain. ithu konjam 2 much thaan.. still I needed it after worn-out shopping.       


  1. It is mouth watering have to do ASAP. Too nutritious food. Thanks for posting it.


  2. I'm cooking this for lunch today. I'll let you know the result.