Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kid's Lunch boxes

It is always a stressful thought process for me to make lunches for my DD. I used to give small Pyrex Glass containers for main dish and little stainless steel containers for fruits, veggies & crackers. But it is time-consuming for me and hard for my DD to open, close and bring  it back with some leftovers. So I started looking for partioned lunchboxes. When I came across the Bento style Laptop lunch box, I was glad but it had 5 little containers made of BPA-free plastic. Bummer :-(
After a long research, I found this Eco-friendly PlanetBox. All in one, much more safer too.  It is fun & exciting making interesting lunches everyday for her. Also I feel it is much easier & relaxing filling up the compartments.

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