Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Multigrain/Sprouted Beans Adai

The name might sound too healthy, believe me it will be too tasty also. For vegetarians, the general concern is protein intake. But we know beans, lentils, peas are also rich in protein besides milk. My DD don't like eating cooked beans or green peas. So I ended up making Adai with the available grains, lentils, peas and beans; It is even more healthier since I sprout them.             


Channa dhal---------------------> ¼ cup
Moong Dhal---------------------> ¼ cup
Kidney Beans--------------------> ¼ cup
Pinto Beans----------------------> ¼ cup
Black eye beans----------------> ¼ cup
Black beans----------------------> ¼ cup
Garbanzo beans----------------> ¼ cup
Quinao----------------------------> ¼ cup
Green Peas----------------------> ¼ cup
Yellow Peas---------------------> ¼ cup
Idli Rice/Parboiled Rice/
Brown Rice/Oats---------------> 1 cup Only Soaking, no sprouting(explained below)
Red Chillies *-------------------> 6
Garlic * --------------------------> 5 cloves
Ginger *--------------------------> 3 inch
Hing *----------------------------> 1 tsp
Onion-----------------------------> 1 cup finely chopped
Carrot----------------------------> 1 cup shredded
Cabbage-------------------------> 1 cup thinly cut
Zuchinni--------------------------> 1 cup thinly sliced and cut
Cilantro--------------------------> 2 cups
·         Soak all of the items overnight(except * marked items) and let it sprout.(Sprouting takes 2 or 3 days; but it is optional)                             
·         Grind everything in a mixie/food processor including chillies, garlic, ginger, hing and salt     to make a paste.               
·         Add Carrot, cabbage, Onions, Cilantro, Zuchhini too the paste and mix well               
·         Let the batter be little thick; not too watery like dosa batter.                      
·         Make little Adais in dosa pan.                    
·         Serve it hot with Avial                   
My DD likes eating Adai with the mixture of Ghee/butter & Raw sugar.                 
ü  Other healthier options of including grains like Wheat, Barley(high in fiber), Rye, Oats, Millet require overnight soaking                
ü  If you are going to use Oats, no need to soak it; just dry grind it to make a powder and add it directly to the batter.
ü  Instead of vegetable Toppings, Drum stick leaves / Green Onions(Chopped) can also be added.               
ü  Make the Adai with the available beans & grains; skip the ones u don’t have.     


  1. Priya, Unbelievable!!! I am thinking of our college days when we try to make rava upma at your place. We didn't know the difference between lentils used for seasoning.
    Good recipe. Keep going.

  2. Harini, Many Thanks for enjoying my recipe. Whatever u commented is definitely true. It is a drastic transformation from what v were 2 what v r now. But it was so funny that v dint know what to put 4 seasoning. Still I remember those days, once I cooked Channa dhal (Kalla Paruppu) instead of Toor dhal for making sambhar. :-) I realized it after cooking, so I ended up making kootu with it.

  3. This is one nutritious adai I have ever seen. Definitely have to make it. Awesome recipe Priya.

  4. Thanks for ur healthy comment.. :-) Will try 2 post some more for kids..