Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kid's Health

Today in the office, we had a lecture on Nutrition. It was a good discussion and immediately I thought I should share it with my friends.        
The Presenter talked about the Dead & Living foods and the importance of physical exercise in our life.

Living food
Dead food
Fresh Fruits, Veggies
Partially Hydogenated Oils, Trans fat
Organic Cheese, Milk, Butter
Protein Rich Beans
Certain Cheeses like American Cheese
Whole Grains
Processed foods
Organic Meat
Fastfood like Hamburger, French Fries
Good Fats in Nuts
Cakes  & Cookies

Sugary Breakfast Cereals &  sugary Juice

Processed Meat


After the lecture, I felt glad that wellness awareness is gradually spreading across people.  Whenever I talk about these things to anybody, they reply back asking "Are you dieting?". I don't follow any weight loss diet or weight gain diet. Instead I have my own LIFESTYLE – “Eat Healthy; Live Healthy & Happily; Die Happily”
My simple Tips for buying snacks for kids:          
I strongly agree that we should be clear & know what we eat. GOOD HEALTH would be the greatest treasure ever we can give for our loving kids.

I'll keep updating the list whenever I get reminded of something:                             
  • So look for less number of Ingredients  
  • Avoid food with Trans fats, high amount of Sugar & Sodium        
  • BIG NO to HFCS(High Fructose Corn Syrup), MSG(Monosodium Glutamate or Ajinomoto), Artificial Flavors, food Colors, Maltodextrin     
  • I totally avoid Refined Flour, Sugar, Processed foods, Genetically Modified foods
  • I never buy canned food or pickles, rarely I may buy bottled pickles   
  • Avoid Ingredients whcih you cannot read or pronounce
  • When it comes to snacks for kids, go for Organic option. As such snacks doesn't provide any nutritional value, atleast organic snacks will have no secondhand ingredients.


    1. Priya your blog is awesome. Ammavin samayal touch is even more awesome. Keep blogging.......


    2. I am more excited now receiving ur positive feedback. I'll continue blogging Sudha.