Tuesday, January 18, 2011


"Green Leaves Soup" This is the closest name I can come up with for this recipe name. It is another traditional healthy recipe by my DM for Ulcers in Stomach & Mouth.                   
In India, my Mom prepares it with Drumstick leaves, Agathi Keerai (Agathi Leaves) or Black Night Shade Leaves                 
Last weekend, all of a sudden I felt like having this Thannisaru, but I didn't have any of these leaves and also very hardly I find drumstick leaves in the Chinese Store.               
On seeing the bunch of Kale Leaves in fridge, my "Idea Bulb" is turned ON instantly.  U r rite, I made this Thannisaaru with Kale leaves.  Kale is considered as a highly nutritious vegatable with powerful anti-oxidant properties.             
Kale---------------------> 1 Bunch, washed and Chopped
Small Onions----------> 5 Chopped (Shallots also fine)
Garlic-------------------> 8 cloves Chopped
Milk---------------------> 1 cup boiled, cooled
Salt---------------------> A2Y taste
  • Add little Water in Saucepan followed by Onions & Garlic, Salt            
  • Once it starts boiling add the cut Kale leaves             
  • Closed it with the lid to avoid the loss of nutrients.                
  • Cook it for 5 minutes, my Mom always makes sure the Green leaves/Vegetables doesn't change color while cooking. "பச்சை நிறம் குன்றாமல் சமைக்கணும்" இது என்னுடைய அம்மா சொல்லி கொடுத்தது. So I also try the same.  This way nutrional value of Vegetables is saved a lot.                  
  • Pour the milk over the cooked leaves.            
  • Serve it with hot rice & Potato Kara curry or Vazhakkai Kara curry. It tasted soooo good; my DF & DH liked it  very much.                 
I have seen friends making with cocunut milk and do the seasoning with Jeera seeds.        

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