Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cauliflower Poriyal

It is totally a unique recipe which my DM makes. She is really a great cook and cooks everything very authentically. Without curry leaves she will not make sambhar  J. Same time she prepares curries in a healthy way without losing the vegetable's nutritional value.  

Cauliflower---------------------> 5 cups of florets
Green peas---------------------> 1 cup Soaked and cooked
For Grinding:                     
Toor Dhal *---------------------> ½ cup soaked for an hour or so.
Moong dhal *-------------------> ¼ cup Soaked for an hour or so
Small Onions-------------------> 5
Jeera----------------------------> 2 tsp
Garlic----------------------------> 2  cloves
Cocunut-------------------------> 1 cup
Red Chillies---------------------> 5
Hing-----------------------------> ½ tsp
Salt------------------------------> ½  tsp
Coarsely Grind all of the above things except * marked items without water. 
* - Towards the end add Toor dhal & Moongdhal and grind it for once; the masala should be very coarse; otherwise the curry becomes soggy.

·         Cook the cauliflower florets with salt either in microwave/pressure cooker without whistle for 10 mins/Idli cooker/Boiling water. I usually microwave it for 7-10 mins without water. But you have to close it with the lid while cooking in microwave.
·         Make sure it is not overcooked, it must be crunchy or half cooked
·         While the Cauliflower florets are getting cooked, steam cook the Masala mixture in Idli cooker for 5-8 mins (I'll microwave this mixute also)
·         When it is cool separate the masala and add it to the cooked Florets. Add the cooked peas also. Mix it well with hands so that each and every floret is coated the masala mixture.
·         My Mom directly mixes both in the cooking pan, but I mix them before placing it in the stove.
·         Heat oil in a saute pan in medium heat, and add mustard seeds, allow it to splutter,
·         Now add the Floret-Masala mixture in the same pan and leave it for 5 minutes; keep mixing occasionally
·         Serve with Pulikuzhambhu/Rasam/Sambhar

ΓΌ  Instead of Cauliflower, beans and Cabbage also goes well with the same masala mixture.


  1. Vooow!... Good 2 hear that.. So did u try Harini?
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