Friday, December 24, 2010

Tomato Rasam

Sometimes I make this quick Rasam in few minutes, which is fast & easy.

Tomato---------------------> 1 Smashed (either simply with hands or microwave it & then smash)
Tamarind Water----------> 1 cup
Rasam Powder------------> 5 tsp
Garlic------------------------> 4 Cloves, minced
Paruppu podi--------------> 2 tsp(Optional)
Turmeric--------------------> ½  tsp
Salt---------------------------> A2Y taste

·         Mix all of the above items in a deep Saucepan and check for salt & spice                              
·         Heat the saucepan, when you see bubbles coming up, switch off the stove. It is not necessary to allow the rasam to boil.      
·         Heat oil in a saute pan in medium heat, and add mustard seeds, Jeera(allow them to splutter), Red Chillies, Curry leaves                  
·         Pour the seasoning over Rasam                               
·         Garnish with Cilantro if desired                 
·         Serve with hot rice & Potato Kara curry hmm.. Yummy combinationJ                   
ü  U can replace Tamarind water with Lemon Juice to make the recipe even more easy.  But add it after switching off the stove.

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