Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bitter Gourd Podi

Again this week end was busy with cooking session and ended up making 7 dishes (< last weekend).  Weekdays are more relaxing without cooking.                      
Bell Pepper Sambhar  - I froze a bowl of Sambhar for future use.                   
Paruppu Rasam                       
White Gourd More Kuzhambhu                       
Clustered beans Poriyal                       
Potato Kara curry                    
Bitter Gourd Podi                     
Poori Kizhangu -I froze a samll bowl of hers too.                                             
Here I go with the recipe of Bitter Gourd Podi
I donno how to name this recipe, I learnt it from my friend Suneetha(from Andhra). My DH also likes it very much, and I make it once in 2 ,3 months because it calls for deep frying.                      
After tiresome cooking, we went to Vanaathi - Mohan's Place for dinner. She made spicy & yummy Veggie Cutlets for appetizers. Definitely I should get her recipe and try it soon as a surprise.                
It was fun playing cards, delicious dinner and me falling from the swing tops them all. Kids played nicely in the swing. Shame on me…L
Bitter Gourd ---------------------> Slice into thin rounds
To Grind                     
* Dhalia -------------------------> ½ cup (Pottukadalai/Roasted Split Channa Dhal)
* Dry Coconut Powder ---------> ½ cup
Red Onion -----------------------> one half hopped into chunks
Chilli Powder --------------------> 2 tsp              
Salt ------------------------------> A2Y taste
First grind * marked items alone in the mixie and then add rest of the items to make a coarse paste.                    
v  Marinate bitter gourd in salt, turmeric for 30 minutes; then squeeze excess water and keep it aside          
v  Deep fry the Karela rounds in oil; I just pan fried, but it takes longer time                
v  In a wide pan, add oil; pour the Channa Dhal mixture and fry for few minutes                       
v  Now add the fried Bitter gourd and mix well              
v  Keep it for few minutes and remove it from heat
v  Make small balls when it is warm enough                  
v  Mix each ball in the hot rice and serve it with Pulikuzhambhu

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