Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gongura Leaves & Ridge Gourd Skin Thovaiyal

This time the Ridge Gourd skin looks very good and I don't feel like wasting it. At the same time I was already in the process of making Goungura Thovaiyal. Suddenly my idea is bulb is switched on. Yes I made the thovaiyal with Gongura leaves & Ridge gourd skin.                              

Gongura /Sorrel leaves are very sour in taste, so need to add Tamarind as you do for any other thovaiyal                           

Gongura Leaves ---------------> Washed leaves alone
Ridge Gourd Skin --------------> Peel the skin along with the ridges
* Channa Dhal -----------------> 2 tsp
* Corriander Seeds ------------> 2 tsp
* Urad Dhal --------------------> 2 tsp
* Methi seeds ------------------> ½ tsp
* Sesame Seeds ---------------> 2 tsp
* Red Chillies ------------------> 3
Salt -----------------------------> A2Y                               

v  Dry roast the * marked items one by one or add one item at a time in the same order with a minute of gap in between.                    
v  In a pan, add oil. When it is hot add Gongura leaves and fry for few minutes..                       
v  Do the same for Ridge Gourd Skin.                 
v  Grind the dry Ingredients with.without water.   
v  Now add the Gongura Leaves & Skin     
v  Serve it with Hot rice & Gingelly Oil/Sesame oil                       

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