Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kale - Mango Dhal

Really I too was confused to name this blend of dhal & I never made this combo in any dishes. Yetho thonichu, I started making it. I shared it with my friend Nithya and she liked it to my surprise.              
No doubt, I'll also like whatever I make. This time when I went to india I got freshly made Red Chilli Powder & Corriander Powder. There is a drastic difference in taste, smell & color with this homemade powder. We have many plants back in India for curry leaves. So we made powder out of it by drying it and I am using it directly in all the curries. Voooooow very tasty & healthy. My DD is also consuming curry leaves happily.                    
Methi powder I just grind it in Mixie and have it ready all the times.               
Moong Dhal -------------> 1.5 cups                   
Kale ---------------------> 1 bunch, chopped
Raw Mango -------------> Chopped into big chunks
Zucchini -----------------> 1, cubed
Onion --------------------> 1 cup Chopped fine
Tomato ------------------> 1 cup chopped fine
Green Chillies -----------> 2
Methi Powder -----------> 1 tsp
Chilli powder ------------> 2 tsp
Turmeric ----------------> 1 tsp
Tamarind Water --------> 1 cup
Salt ----------------------> A2Y taste

Mustard seeds -----------> 1 tsp
Jeera ---------------------> 1 tsp

v  In a wide sauce pan, pre wash moon dhal and cook it.                       
v  When it is half cooked, add Kale, Mango & Zuchinni, Salt; close with the lid               
v  In another saute pan, do the seasoning with 5 tsp oil; add methi powder, curry leaves powder, Turmeric Powder            
v  Add Onions, Tomatoes, Green Chilies, Chilli Powder until the onions are translucent.                        
v  Meantime, make sure dhaal mixture& the vegetables are cooked                 
v  Now add the onion mixture over the Dhal.                 
v  Pour the Tamraind water also.            
v  Bring it to boil then leave it in medium; close with the lid.                 
v  Garnish with Cilantro               
It goes well will any spicy curry like, Cauliflower curry or Potato kara curry                 
ΓΌ  I use both Moong Dhal & Red Lentils together or mostly Red lentils alone for making dhaal. I like the taste & smell of this lentil.                  

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