Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vendaikkai & Bitter Gourd Fry

I love Okra in any form. Keep visiting the blog for yummy Okra fry...
Sorry for posting the recipe late. I went to India for my Parent's & DH's Chitti, Chittapa's Shastiapthapoorthi. I'll share the importance of the function & ceremony photos soooon...

Okra ------------------------> 2 Cups, Chopped
Onions ---------------------> 1 Cup
Green Chillies ------------> 2 Chopped fine
Salt -------------------------> A2Y taste
Mustard Seeds ------------> 1 tsp
Urad Dhal ------------------> 1 tsp
Curry leaves ---------------> 2 strands; chopped fine

v  In a wide Pan, just fry the Okra alone with little oil.  Leave it in medium for few minutes until the stickiness is gone. Do not stir it very often.                               
v  Keep it aside. In the same pan, do the seasoning.                            
v  Now add onions, followed by Chillies                     
v  Add the Okra and salt.                  
v  Stir it good so that everything is mixed well                        
v  Ready to serve with any spicy Pulikuzhambhu/Karakuzhambhu/ Theeyal                             

"வெண்டைக்காய் சாப்டாக்க கணக்கு நல்லா வரும்மாக்கும்; பெரியவங்க சொல்றாங்க, அதனால நல்லா நிறைய சாப்டுங்க, சந்தோஷம்மா இருங்க!"

Up Next: BitterGourd Fry

Bitter Gourd Fry                              
The 3rd dish for the weekend is Bitter Gourd fry. My DH loves this Bitter Gourd so much.

Bitter Gourd ---------------> 4, cut into thin round slices
Onions ----------------------> 1 Cup
Green Chillies --------------> 2 Chopped fine
Chillie Powder -------------> 1/2 tsp
Salt ---------------------------> A2Y taste

v  In a frying Pan, just fry the Bitter Gourd rounds with oil.  Leave it in medium for few minutes until almost cooked.                               
v  In the same pan, add onions, followed by Chillies; fry everything until Veggie is cooked. If onions are added in the beginning, it will be burnt by the time Bitter gourd is cooked.                     
v  For more spiciness, add little more of Chilli powder towards end.
v  Ready to serve with Sambhar/Rasam

Buy the young tender Bitter gourds which are best for cooking. Flesh inside is white and seeds are smaller. Discard the ripened ones. Bitter gourd helps in purifying blood; Bitter gourd juice helps to control Sugar(Diabetics) in blood.

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