Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clustered Beans Poriyal

Murunggaikai Paruppu which I made for Friday's Potluck was tasty but it was not as spicy as it is supposed to be. I had some leftovers and so I ended up making Spicy Kothavarankkaai Poriyal as Side dish. 
Clustered Beans ----------------> 2 Cups, Chopped fine (Kothavarankkaai)
Onion -----------------------------> 1 Cup, Chopped fine
Salt --------------------------------> A2Y taste

To Grind                              
Coconut --------------------------> 1 cup
Jeera ------------------------------> 2 tsp
Red Chillies ----------------------> 4
Grind everything to make a coarse mixture without water.                       
For Seasoning                   
Mustard Seeds -----------------> 1 tsp
Urad dhal ------------------------> 1 tsp
Curry Leaves --------------------> few leaves
v  I had only little time to make this Poriyal since we both were hungry. So I cooked the beans in the microwave as follows. In a Glass bowl, put the beans & little salt; close it with the lid and cook it for 4 minutes.               
v  Do the seasoning with mustard seeds & Urad dhal.         
v  Add Onions and fry until it is translucent              
v  Now add cooked beans followed by Coconut mixture.  
v  Mix it well and leave it for few minutes.               
v  Ready to Eat! See huw much easier is the cooking.    
Clustered Bean Poriyal
Same Recipe with Beetroot. 
Beetroot Poriyal

Ø  Having this Coconut mixture as the base, u can make poriyal with other vegetables like Cabbage, Beans, Beetroot, Drumstick leaves             

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