Thursday, May 19, 2011

Barley & Veggies Medley

On a Sunday after our trip from India, I was not up to the speed to catch up my normal routine even I was bored of cooking. But wanted to make only one dish quickly. So I was surfing the fridge and Pantry. I decided to make something with whole grain Barley, Brown Rice, Black Beans & Veggies. Don’t look at me crazy. Just an experiment and I acted according to my instinct.
Barely ---------------------> ½ cup (Whole Grain)
Brown Rice---------------> ½ cup
Black Beans--------------> ½ cup
Pinto Beans--------------> ½ cup
Onion----------------------> 1 cup chopped fine
Green chillies------------> 2 chopped fine
Tomatoes-----------------> 1½ cups Chopped fine
Ginger---------------------> ½ inch minced
Garlic----------------------> 2 Cloves minced
Broccoli-------------------> 2 cup of florets
Zucchini-------------------> 2 cup chopped into cubes
Green Peppers-----------> 2 cup chopped into cubes

Purple Gabbage----------> 1 cup sliced thin (healthier than Green Cabbage)

Chilli Powder-------------> 2 tsp
Cilantro-------------------> ½ cup chopped fine
Salt ------------------------> A2Y taste

For Seasoning                   
Mustard Seeds ---------> 2 tsp
Jeera ----------------------> 2 tsp
v  Pressure cook Barley, Brown Rice, Beans together or separately. I cooked together first time, but next time onwards I'll cook them separately.
v  In a Saute Pan Pan, add little oil; do the seasoning followed by Onion, Green Chillies, Tomatoes, minced Ginger & Garlic;                  
v  Add Bell Peppers, Broccolli                           
v  When the vegetables are half cooked, add Zucchini, Cabbage and pinch of Chillie powder + Salt according to ur spiciness                  
v  Now add the cooked Barley, Brown Rice & Beans                           
v  Sprinkle Salt if required  and mix it well                 
v  Keep stirring for couple of minutes.                       
v  Garnish with Cilantro                     

The chewy & nutty like texture of Barley & Brown rice supplemented the new medley and tasted like Mexican rice. When I shared with my friends(@ workplace) in lunch and they also liked it very much. I enjoyed it with Walnut & Celery Chutney. Definitely it is a high fiber & protein rich dish and heart healthy for adults+kids provided they like the chewy texture. It is the easiest way to have Barley, Brown Rice and Wheat in our diet.                           

In the next trail I cooked Pinto Beans, Black Beans, Barley separately and mixed with the vegetables. As a whole, the medley came out with good look & taste. 
Ø  For healthier options, u can even add/replace with Quinoa & Whole Wheat. I would like to try with Couscous & Buck wheatJ.  I’ll post the result after my trial.                               

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