Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brussel Sprouts Poriyal

There were lots of vegetables new for me when I came to US. One among them is this baby Cabbages. I was wondering how to eat this vegetable and then I decided to make poriyal with it.      
Remove the outer two or three layers of Brussel Sprouts to make sure you don't see and black spots or yellow layers. Wash them & cut it into two halves and then slice it thinly.              

Brussel Sprouts ---------------------> ½ lbs, Chopped thinly
Black eye beans --------------------> 1 cup, cooked; no need to soak, just pressure cook
Onions ------------------------------> 1 cup chopped
Salt ----------------------------------> A2Y taste

To Grind                      
Coconut -----------------------------> 1 cup
Green Chillies -----------------------> 4
Cilantro ------------------------------> 3 sprigs
Make a coarse mixture without water             

v  Do the seasoning with Mustard seeds, followed by Onions                 
v  Once it is translucent, add brussels sprouts               
v  When it is cooked, add the cooked beans + Salt,   coconut mixture and fry for few minutes.                       

But yesterday I was out of Green Chilles, so I tried with the mixture of Red Chillies, Coconut & Jeera.  This version also turned out good and in fact it was very tasty with Snake Gourd Porichakuzhambhu.  

ü  I cook Brussel Sprouts in the microwave by covering with lid and just add it directly to the seasoning. It saves lots of time.                
ü  Slowly I switched from Green Cabbage to purple cabbage. So I made the curry with Purple Cabbage also which is another variation of the curry.
ü  I'll either use red chillies or green chillies according to the gravy I have. Definitely for Pulikuzhambhu, Sambhar, Theeyal, Rasam Green Chillies will go fine; for Kootu, Porichakuzhambhu,  Morekuzhambhu(which is less spicier) Red chillies will be tasty.                     
ü  Adding few roasted split channa dhal(pottukadalai) in the grounded mixture makes the curry even more yummier. But it should be grounded into powder first. Then add the remaining items for grinding.

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