Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kids Special - Veggie Chappati

My DD likes eating chappati as a roll dipping in Yogurt (like Bread stick & sauce). So this time I decided to make a different version of chappati with little vegetables. This will prevent me from worrying about missing vegetables with chappati.                     
Whole Wheat Flour -------> 1.5 cup
Potato ---------------------> 1 cooked
Carrot ---------------------> ½ cup shredded
Zucchini -------------------> 1/2 cup shredded
Salt ------------------------> A2Y taste
v  Mix the flour with hot water, little oil & other ingredients listed above. Better to add very less water since the vegatables also relase water               
v  Knead the dough for few minutes and leave it for some time.                       
v  Then make chappatis in the tawa until golden brown.            
v  Potato keeps the chappati sof for longer time. So I sent chappatis for her lunch.                  

Yieepee! Her Lunch box was empty next day to my surprise.
ΓΌ  Adding shredded Cabbage to the flour is also another option.                       

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