Wednesday, February 23, 2011

UlluthamParuppu Sadham

Last Friday I was visiting my friend Vaanathi, she made Ulluthamparuppu Sadam & Thengai Thovaiyal for lunch. My eyes were wide open hearing the name of the recipe.  I never heard of this dish in my life time. Meantime I was talking to her DM & DF about many other interesting recipes KootanChoru, Sodhi, ThuvaramParuppu Sadham J . Her DM said, UllithamParuppu Sadham is very good for backbone especially Ladies. Voooow! one more healthy post for my blog.               
ok. Let’s move on to the recipe. It is very very simple and easy.                   
Black Urad Dhal -------------> 1 Cup
Rice --------------------------> 2 Cups
Salt --------------------------> A2Y taste

·         Rinse Black Urad Dhal & rice together, cook it with water and salt. Either pressure cook or use Rice cooker.
·         All DoneJ!                  
How to Eat?               
·         Mix Sadham, Thovaiyal  & 1 tsp of Gingelly oil(Nallennai). Have Vathal / Appalam for side dish.          
·         For curd rice, just add curd to this Sadham.               
What a great combo? Really the sadham was delicious with the Thovaiyal & Appalam.                      
ü  This weekend, my friend Nithya made a different version of this recipe as Porridge (Kanji) . "Ithuvum avunga ooru special". She pressure cooked rice, dhal with few garlic cloves and Shredded coconut, Salt.                
ü  Add hot water towards the end to make it soupy. Add pinch of dry ginger powder(Sukkhu). After a long time I had Porridge which I loved it. Gr8 for kids also.      

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