Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My friend Nithya from Nagarkoil makes this mouthwatering authentic dish and I love it very much when she makes it. “Ithu avunga ooru special”  yenakkum rombha pidukkum  . If I am bored of usual Sambhar, Rasam, I’ll make this recipe. This weekend I had Methi leaves & Green Brinjal, first thing came into my mind was Theeyal. 

Methi Leaves --------------------> 1 bunch, Washed and Chopped
Brinjal ----------------------------> 5 Chopped lengthwise
Tamarind ------------------------> Lemon sized, soaked in water                       
Salt-------------------------------> A2Y taste
For Grinding:               
Coconut --------------------------> 1.5 Cup shredded
Small Onions --------------------> 5 Chopped
Corriander Seeds ---------------> 3 tsp
Peppercorns ---------------------> 2 tsp
Jeera -----------------------------> 1 tsp
Red Chillies ----------------------> 5                   
·         Dry roast all of the items above except onions                       
·         Grind everything to make a fine and smooth paste with water in mixie/food Processor                     
For Seasoning:            
Coconut Oil ----------------------> 1 tsp
Mustard Seeds ------------------> ½ tsp
Curry leaves ---------------------> Few
Turmeric Powder ----------------> ½ tsp

·         In a Saute Pan, do the seasoning along with turmeric powder                       
·         Add Brinjal; fry for 5 minutes              
·         Add Methi leaves and fry for few minutes.                  
·         Extract the Tamarind pulp and add it to the sautéed veggies followed by coconut paste                  
·         Add salt to the mixture.                      
·         Once it starts boiling, simmer it;                    
·         Close with the lid until the Veggies are cooked.                     
·         Serve it with hot rice.              
Theeyal is so spicy & tangy, I made Cauliflower Poriyal for Side dish. Hmm… it was really yummy. Thanks Nithya for sharing this recipe.                 

ü  Other substitutes of veggies are Bottle Gourd, Clustered Beans,  Yam, or just small onions.            
ü  When I make any dish with grinded mixture or paste, I add the paste first with very little water to the veggies; close it for few minutes. This way veggies are well mixed with the taste. Then I add Tamarind Pulp or water if necessary. 

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