Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Sweet Little Nursery

In September, when my Uncle came to my home, he got Rubber Plant, Kalanchoe and Polka dot plants which triggered my Gardening Button on.  Since then I started collecting Indoor plants for my home and Work Place.
It is wonderful watching them grow big and giving little baby plants. Now I have a collection of plants like
ü  Christmas Cactus
ü  Chinese Evergreen-Jubilee
ü  Snake Plant
ü  Begonia Summer Plant
ü  White Inch Plant
ü  Spider Plant
ü  Pothos or Devil's Ivy
ü  Shamrock
ü  Wandering Jew
ü  ZZ Plant
ü  DumbCane
ü  Butterfly Nephthytis
ü  Tail Flower Anthurium
ü  Lucky Bamboo
ü  3 varities of Succulents
ü  Dragon Tree
ü  Air Plants
ü  Prayer Plant - 2 varieties
ü  African Violet
ü  Rubber Plant
ü  Polka Dot Plant
ü  Aloe vera
ü  Kalanchoe

hmm..I cudn't believe, the list is so big. But is this enough? Nope. I got some from my Uncle's place in CA when I went for Christmas Holidays
ü  Jade Plant
ü  Different colors of Rose Cuttings
ü  Succulents in the form of Rose.
ü  Giant Dumb Cane

How much ever I am worried or disturbed, the moment I see these plants I forget everything and feel sooooooo good.  Not only it purifies air in closed buildings (Office or Home), definitely it creates positive vibes and ambience around you.

My Parents were here for some time and my father loved some of the plants.  Even he took Succulents, Prayer Plants, Jade Plant, Lucky Bamboos along with him. I am going to India on March, and I'll be happy seeing my plants at my home too. Hope the plants survive better in humid weather.

Let’s GO GREEN & save Mother Nature. Good Luck!

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  1. Hi Priya,

    Thats nice to see that you have so much plants,i would like to get some idea regarding.Its also nice that you have enough time to maintain them.